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Wednesday Haiku

Growing up so fast Like the wild flowers we pick Sublime bliss appears   Another attempt at a haiku... Comment/Like/Follow if you enjoyed this. Thanks for stopping by. - E


Work Visit….

Mommy had a job interview and naturally we couldn't get any family to help watch you for an hour, so I snuck you into my office cube and let you color with my highlighters and pens. Every co-worker that stopped by has to talk to you. They love your accent/southern draw. We had a wonderful,… Continue reading Work Visit….

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You learned to fish…

This Memorial Day you and I slipped off to the pond with my old Abu Garcia Ultralight gear and a 1/32oz beetle spin. I taught you how to reel properly. You ended up catching over a dozen good size perch and many smaller ones. We even got a nice channel cat. You were amazed and… Continue reading You learned to fish…

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Snow Day with Lizzy

Last year I obtained roughly 1000 acres of timber co. land that's been controlled by my family for two decades. I have been wanting a place where Lizzy could grow up hunting deer and ┬ásmall game safely. The roads are nice, the plots and trails are fun to ride and explore and it even has… Continue reading Snow Day with Lizzy