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Always Eat Your ‘Cake’

After reading a post from Beautybeyondbones, I had the urge to write about eating cake. It was my 26th birthday, I started it like any other- wake up, get dressed, lag into the office, grab coffee and breakfast with my peers, check on my floor nurses, then begin running reports and checking the system for… Continue reading Always Eat Your ‘Cake’


Work Visit….

Mommy had a job interview and naturally we couldn't get any family to help watch you for an hour, so I snuck you into my office cube and let you color with my highlighters and pens. Every co-worker that stopped by has to talk to you. They love your accent/southern draw. We had a wonderful,… Continue reading Work Visit….

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The moment everything changed…

Date: August 22, 2014 Location: L&D Operating Room This day marks a proud moment in my life, I became a father. There we were, Kelsey was lying supine on the O.R.¬†stretcher, draped with sterile dressings in a room full of delivery staff, and I was standing by her head keeping her calm. We had scheduled… Continue reading The moment everything changed…