German Shepherd, My Life

He just gets me…

The best dog...   I've trained a good many dogs in my brief 31 years of life... The finest dogs have always been German Shepherds. Not to knock other breeds, I love a well mannered Chessy or NKC Feist too.   Benelli is rapidly approaching 2 years of age. He is fairly well mannered when… Continue reading He just gets me…

My Life

The Boss, the Trigger and the Benelli

Its 2013 and my wife is making rounds delivering flowers for valentine's day when she came across a house with white GSD's for sale. She picked out a little male as a 'surprise' and gave him to me later that night. I had raised white shepherds as a youth and loved them very much( I still had an… Continue reading The Boss, the Trigger and the Benelli