Family, Lizzy

As you grow up… 3

Lizzy and her 3rd birthday.(Alligator cup-cake-cake)

Family, Lizzy

As you grow up… # 2

Lizzy: Just before you were born, I managed to pick up a nice Cannon bridge camera on clearance at the local wally-world, so I've tried to do my best capturing some decent pictures and videos of you.    On this fun day your mother and Mimi Ange decided to dress you up in something that… Continue reading As you grow up… # 2

Lizzy, My Life

As you grow up… # 1

When I met my wife, I knew the from the first moment that she was special. After a year of marriage, she showed me just how special she was. Kelsey gave me Lizzy, my awesome little daughter that I strive to do better for. In Lizzy's eyes her mommy and daddy hang the moon, and I am working hard to do just that.  This series 'As you grow up' will be composed of many short things that I have been able to see as you grow and learn.