Family, Lizzy

As you grow up #4

Lizzy, It's been busy here... In January we found out that you were going to be a big sister, and last month, we found out that you were going to have a little brother. Kopeland Hardy Cleland is due 10/1/2018. You have been super excited. Baby KHC is on his way, the doctor said everything… Continue reading As you grow up #4

Lizzy, My Life

As you grow up… # 1

When I met my wife, I knew the from the first moment that she was special. After a year of marriage, she showed me just how special she was. Kelsey gave me Lizzy, my awesome little daughter that I strive to do better for. In Lizzy's eyes her mommy and daddy hang the moon, and I am working hard to do just that.  This series 'As you grow up' will be composed of many short things that I have been able to see as you grow and learn.