Wiley Alvin Stimpson

This was granny Sue’s father, he lived in the valley near Weiss Lake, before moving to the mountains.

He had a four bedroom wood house on a farm. His first wife Lilly Parker passed away from cancer(or as granny Sue says-from having to many babies). Then he married Della Mae Floyd. Wiley took the mules and drug their home across the field. He then went down the mountain to Blue Pond Gap and gathered loads of cobblestone to build a new home(pics to come).

He built a crib, tractor shed, and a barn. He owned a Farm-all A tractor. He operated a sawmill on his property and sawed the lumber for First Baptist Sandrock. They tended forty acres of crops and livestock. They grew peanuts, strawberries and hay.

They had huge orchard with a variety of trees.

There was a huge hand dug water well with concrete around it(above ground). A few years later they added a pump and had running water.

Wiley and Della had two kids, John Wiley Stimpson(JW) born 8/4/1934- and Wilma Sue(granny Sue). JW moved to Illinois and laid hardwood floors then later returned to Weiss Lake in the valley.