Life on the mountain top- Earl Cleland

Paw paw Earl grew up in rural Sandrock community on Lookout mountain in north Alabama. –This story is being told by Earl D. Cleland.

We had two hundred and forty acres of farm land. There was our home and three tenant(share croppers) they would receive 1/3 of the corn and 1/4th of hay and cotton. Those were the three main cash crops. The tenants would purchase their own seed and fertilize for the crops.

School turned out when help was needed around the farms so the kids could help.

There was momma, daddy, and eight children. I was the baby. Dad worked off on the railroad and would be home on the weekend. Daddy would plan out everything that needed to be done on the farm during the week and momma would make sure it got done.

Kizzie Alverine Cleland was my mother, and James William Cleland(Jim) 3/1/1885-1/10/1950 is my father and my siblings are as follows:

Alverine 4/3/1916-1/2/2004, Edna Faye 6/9/1918-12/29/1998, Erskine 4/31/1920-7/10/1999, Vedamae, Jimmie Sue, Hilma, Sybil, and Earl 10/6/1938.