Della Stimpson – By: W. Sue Cleland

She married Wiley Stimpson and was roughly twenty four years younger than he. She was a hard working woman and helped raise Wiley’s kids from his late wife Lilly Parker.

The oldest sisters would tell Weldon(a younger brother) that she was not his real mother, and tell him to throw rocks at her when she would go to the mail box.

In the mornings they would build a fire to heat the house and get the meals made for the day.

One morning she was cooking breakfast on a wood burning comfort stove(that had a water heater hooked to it in the kitchen). The pipes has frozen the night before, and when Wiley lit the fire the next morning it blew the stove into many pieces and several injured Della. Needless to say, there was no fried rabbit for breakfast. People from all over came in to check on them.

The large cast iron skillet became lodged in the ceiling beam from the explosion and remained there until they moved into their cobblestone house Wiley was building by hand.