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Bad Milk

This story is in series of posts for the future. Current date 11/15/17 Lately you have been growing and learning complex sentences and playing jokes. The other night I reckon I started something.... BAD MILK... You were trying to give me your baby dolls bottle and I said that sure is some bad milk, I… Continue reading Bad Milk


Raising a Rebel Princess

2019 has been a rough year for our little family. However we endeavor to persevere. You are the best big sister, you help me at night with Kopeland and you make an effort to make sure I take care of myself as well. Tonight we had a junior auxiliary event called the Crown Club and… Continue reading Raising a Rebel Princess

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Alone in the Dark…

Lizzy- You felt Kopeland kick for the 1st time last week. Your mother said your eyes lit up and you grinned really big. You told her that baby brother can sleep with you in your room and you will protect him from the bad people... I'm not sure what to make of that... Lizzy stays… Continue reading Alone in the Dark…