German Shepherd, My Life

He just gets me…

The best dog...   I've trained a good many dogs in my brief 31 years of life... The finest dogs have always been German Shepherds. Not to knock other breeds, I love a well mannered Chessy or NKC Feist too.   Benelli is rapidly approaching 2 years of age. He is fairly well mannered when… Continue reading He just gets me…

Family, Lizzy, My Life

Peaches and Retrievers?

When we bought our new little home it was in the dead of winter and snowing. This left me little time to explore the property and the trees growing on it. This spring I found a small peach tree on the side of the property. We got lucky and had two HUGE peaches. I kept… Continue reading Peaches and Retrievers?

Deer Hunting, Family, Lizzy, My Life

Snow Day with Lizzy

Last year I obtained roughly 1000 acres of timber co. land that's been controlled by my family for two decades. I have been wanting a place where Lizzy could grow up hunting deer and ┬ásmall game safely. The roads are nice, the plots and trails are fun to ride and explore and it even has… Continue reading Snow Day with Lizzy