Sweets, love, sadness, change…

Kopeland, you are getting a personality sweet enough to rival that of your sister. You love to grunt, grin and drink milk. You’ve certainly put on height and weight, and you are keeping true to 99th percentile.kope2

As of late you have been sleeping between your mother and I. One of us takes you in our arms and cradles you while the other lays close and gets some rest when possible.



This last week the school had a daddy daughter painting day. So I took my parent teacher hours from work and spent the morning with my sweet Lou.

We picked out a rock, painted it green and yellow, then we drew some pictures with crayons. We played in the floor and built houses out of blocks, played with cars, then I had to leave. We had a lot of fun there. You’re my little ray of sunshine in a world of darkness. lou painting.png



Your mother has what I believe is postpartum depression, and has decided to leave me because she is no longer happy.  When we told you, you were less than enthusiastic about the news, and since have not been overly eager to mind your mother. It’s not entirely her fault, I stay gone a good bit trying to pay our bills and keep food on the table while your mom is not able to have a job.

You decided to come stay with me while she sorted her business out, and that I believe was what hurt her the most. She loves you and I very much, but she is simply to depressed to find happiness at the moment. I always encourage you to love your mother unconditionally, she carried you and takes amazing care of you. She keeps you in new clothes and always makes sure you are loved. She is an amazing protector and gets very defensive if someone wrongs you.


Lizzy Lou, my darling… You can always find happiness in God, additionally you can always find happiness within yourself, however you can always find sadness in yourself also. If you go around acting sad or believing in sadness, you will be sad. When you can love yourself and realize you are the one who decides what your happiness level will be.

I only want true happiness for you. Your mother and I are doing our best to ‘co-parent’ at the moment and I’ll admit, it’s very hard watching the woman of your dreams sit near you and not show affection towards you. My heart breaks, it yearns for a drop of affection from your mother. She is my everything.

Always Always love your mom…. Just remember, if this doesn’t work out and daddy has to go off, I tried, with all my heart to make things work.


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