As You Grow Up #5

What a difference 2 years makes.

Granny Earline was recently diagnosed with stage iv cancer, the CT scan showed it when she fell and broke her shoulder. The surgeons didn’t want to operate so they sent her to the nursing home. This happens to be the same nursing home that your mother and I work at occasionally.

When you were little, I would pick you up from daycare and take you by to visit your mom. You always enjoyed ‘crossing the bridge’ in the parking lot. Even after 2 years you still like to cross it and strike a pose. lizzy bridge 2

Granny Earline is going home on hospice this week. Your mother is doing her very best at 9 months pregnant to take care of her.  arline

You started East Marion K-4 this month. You are the teachers helper, not because you are a suck up, but because you’re the only child in the class that follows direction and is capable of thinking critically and able to be respectful.

Kopeland is almost here, bills are stacking up. I work 16-18 hours a day to make sure everything is caught up and taken care of. We miss each other dearly on the evenings we don’t see each other.

lizzy bridge

Hopefully soon I will be home more in the evenings and we can ride around the creek and play in the back yard.

It will be deer season soon, we have killed two large timber rattlers on the Society Hill lease. You keep telling me that you are going to take Kopeland to the woods and hunt with him.

Hopefully we will have two incomes in the house again soon and get our vacation money saved up. I know you have been wanting to go back to Gulf Shores and play in the sand.



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