German Shepherd, My Life

He just gets me…

The best dog…


I’ve trained a good many dogs in my brief 31 years of life… The finest dogs have always been German Shepherds. Not to knock other breeds, I love a well mannered Chessy or NKC Feist too.


Beretta, Bandit, Benelli

Benelli is rapidly approaching 2 years of age. He is fairly well mannered when around all other dogs,  and extremely well mannered when working in the field/woods. From treeing squirrel, to opossums and feral cats, to flushing game birds he simply does everything I could ever ask of him. This week I found a large field rat that had taken up residence in a pile wood that I was sorting through. I flushed the rat and by the time the rat was mid air jumping from the utility trailer, B-Dog had already caught/killed it. I normally don’t think about the power in his jaws, as he is submissive to me and I never let him get a grab on live prey that may bite him(he is gentle when he catches live quail and retrieves them slobbery and unharmed). The sheer force of his jaws crushed the 12″ bodied rat instantly. He was so proud of himself, his mother however was freaking out because she thought he was going to drop it in her lap :).

B patrols the property at all hours and leaves me with few worries. From killing snakes, to keeping opossums and skunks out of the chicken pen.

If you are looking for the perfect dog, I recommend a White Male German Shepherd Dog.

They can track, tree, guard, attack, love, and learn. They are the perfect breed.


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