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Alone in the Dark…

Lizzy- You felt Kopeland kick for the 1st time last week. Your mother said your eyes lit up and you grinned really 30th bday

You told her that baby brother can sleep with you in your room and you will protect him from the bad people… I’m not sure what to make of that… Lizzy stays awake at night and says she see’s things, my wife admitted to it also(held out because I would think she’s mental). Our house is safe/secure, relatively isolated, there’s enough firepower to stand off a invasion of Orcs equivalent to the numbers that attacked Helms Deep.

I’m not a believer in boogers, haints, witches, and such silly nonsense. However I am curious as to what these two are seeing. One family in-law suggests kids can see demons and ghosts because they are young?.. I mean come on.. My wife doesn’t even believe dinosaurs are real, she thinks its just something Jurassic Park came up with(We have PROOF of the dang dinos!!! )


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