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Peaches and Retrievers?

When we bought our new little home it was in the dead of winter and snowing. This left me little time to explore the property and the trees growing on it. This spring I found a small peach tree on the side of the property. We got lucky and had two HUGE peaches. I kept the tree protected from bugs and treated it properly, last week we enjoyed the ‘fruits’ of our labor.

1st peach off the tree.png

We sliced them so hastily that I didn’t get a picture until you started eating them. Compared to the flavor of a store bought Georgia peach, these are 10x better. I will be sure to get a few more peach trees set out around the property and hope for the best.

(Inspired post from a fellow blogger Sunshinysa, yall be sure to check her out)

1st peach off the tree2.png


This will be a dual topic post, as time is short this week. I’ve been drowning in work and sick family members. It’s hard to be the nurse in the family at times.

This post is about a unsung hero, a member of my family that I have worked with for many years(9). Bear, the family farm Chessy.  I have wrote a little about him before, but I wanted to add some more to the blog. Recently we lost his son Cisco, to seizures from what we believe a poisoned food/bait area on the adjoining land.

Bear is the only dog in the family that is scared of a shotgun/rifle/pistol. He is also the only bred to hunt dog that is on the farm. I bought a Benjamin .25 Marauder years ago and worked him into it. The Mrod is a suppressed mid caliber air rifle that is capable of amazing power and accuracy, with fast follow up shots. The gun makes virtually no noise and Bear doesn’t mind it one bit(PERFECT).

PCP Air gun, I get about 16 shots on each charge of air.

On long summer evenings we sit on the 60′ porch and shoot feral pigeons and invasive dove off the lines from over the corn fields. Bear knows when and where the bird will fall. He consistently makes 80-100 yard retrieves all evening long. (Don’t worry, all the kills are used for food, we never kill without intent on use) Anyway, a while back Bear made a ‘catch’, I saw the large Eurasian Dove sitting high, he saw the bird the same time I did. Bear took off towards it, giving me little time to get on target, I squeezed off the round and made a perfect shot, Bear still in transit caught the dove on the fall! What a show, this dog is amazing. He is the only dog I know of that can routinely do this, he knows when that trigger is pulled his quarry will be falling and he can time it flawlessly. He is getting older now, and has well over 1000 retrieves, we take it easy these days and do more shooting with the camera than the rifle, but he loves to work and does his job with perfection.


Enjoying the sunset, he loves the farm life.

I understand some people reading this may be upset or triggered by hunting, if so you have the right to simply not read my posts. I don’t force my beliefs on anyone, therefore I will ask the same of you.

We never hunt something that we don’t eat. Dove- seasoned, stuffed with cream cheese, thin strips of jalapeno, wrapped in thick bacon, and tossed on the grill is one of the best meals ever. (The Eurasian Dove is a nuisance animal and is the cause of several native specie declines.)



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