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Our Guardians- The Furry Kind

Benelli is growing more each week. His training is going through a adolescent phase. He only responds appropriately when we are alone now. That could have something to do with his future girlfriend being present.

Benelli sue 1
Benelli laying in the back yard.

Everyone meet Beretta… She is a couple months old. She is from a working line, her dad works every day on a cattle farm assisting his owner with packing hand held tools for fencing and other odd and end things around the farm.

Beretta shows high levels of intelligence, she tries her best to help me run fencing and other things around our property. She is working on hand commands, and is quite competent in basic verbal commands. She also drives Benelli crazy.



Lizzy loves her jeep. She will drive it around all evening and never gets bored. I believe its important to teach kids when they are young how to operate vehicles safely.

me b and lou
Benelli… Checking us out on a walk through the yard
I could hold your little hand forever.

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