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Good Ole’ Benelli

I am writing this as a future post, I will be creating a series of stories that you can look forward to over the next twenty years. Current Date 11/15/17
Benelli @ about 3 months

Benelli has grown up rather fast, he is 11 months old and is learning more and more every day. He is able to Sit, Lay, Crawl, Stay, Heel, Retrieve(rather large objects), and he can catch quail out of the air when gathering the ones that get out from the pens. He has such a soft mouth and gently brings the birds back to me. He acts like a human, and expects to be treated accordingly.

benelli on the chair
Benelli @ 11 months

Lizzy has a love hate relationship with him. He will obey her every command, but he is still hyper and can bump her a bit harder than she likes when they are playing.

We have a problem at our current home.(we are in the process of buying a new house) The coyotes have become ever present and Benelli feels as if he can take them on alone when they enter the yard. We have female coy-dogs around that lure pets away from safety where the pack can kill the pet. While my B-dog is strong, agile, and very aggressive, he wouldn’t stand much chance against a pack. So he and I go on walks through the property at night and drive out any predators.


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