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We bought a home…

12-8-2017 My wife and I became home owners. It rarely snows in south MS, and when it does it rarely sticks. The night of the 7th we got 4+ inches of pretty snow. We were supposed to close the morning of the 8th, this was our last deadline to make the close and we were not sure the money would clear the bank since they were closing early.


We headed to town and signed papers once the funds cleared.  Later that evening we were forced to move in our new home with just the bare essentials due to multiple power lines down at our other home. The temp was dropping rather fast and the snow was now 6+ inches deep in some areas and steadily coming down. Kels and I wrapped our mattress in a tarp and loaded other belongings on the fourwheeler trailer and made our way to the new house.

I have never used gas appliances so lighting the gas pilot for the heater was a minor setback(after I read the manual I figured it out) and soon we had heat!! We also brought our Christmas tree and put it up.

Our realtor, Merri Anne, was amazing, she met us in the snow and made certain everything was taken care of.

Lizzy is loving the house and has multiple hiding spots throughout. It’s not a big home at roughly 1400 sq ft, but it’s a definite upgrade from a mobile home, we love our little cozy country home.


This was by far the best Christmas present ever!

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