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Soccer for the little ones…


Lizzy at her soccer game. She absolutely loves it. She was skeptical at first, but after working and coaching her along, she’s a natural.

lizzy soccer2
I find myself on the sidelines crossing in front of other parents, cheering my child on and yelling directions to her, I think I have as much fun there as she does. 

This week I arrived late with her equipment, so we were late getting on the field, but Lizzy played hard. She was the goalie for a while, but preferred to be among the action. I can’t express how much joy I get watching my daughter work with other kids as a team. She is as fast as any boy and a good bit taller than most of them.

lizzy soccer3
So serious… Deep in thought… Anticipating the other players moves long before they get close to her…


lizzy soccer4
Lizzy, Baylenn, and Rae

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