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As you grow up… 3


Lately you have been exercising the fullest extent of your imagination. You love to tell stories about bobcats, and coyotes. You are learning to read, and drive the golf cart. You are also starting kindergarten soon. You are fascinated with fishing poles, toy cars, and your dog Benelli. You still love to sing along with the radio and you are very good at sharing and caring for your cousins.

Lizzy 3rd birthday

Lizzy has been on a kick about alligators…. So… I contacted a co-worker that makes custom cakes. I had Charlie make an alligator cupcake cake. It turned out fantastic and delicious.
lizzys gator.png

This weekend we had Lizzy’s 3rd birthday party. Although her birthday isn’t until the end of August, we had it now while her cousins were having theirs so everyone could come to see the girls at once.

Lizzy 3rd birthday1
Shay holding Lizzy

Kelsey rented out a nice place that had several different inflatable jumpers and giant inflatable water slides, it was closed off by a tall fence to keep the kids from running off. Inside the building we had a nice large area to set up the cakes and presents and cool off while playing Foosball.


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