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A true shotgun wedding…..

The day was March 9, 2013; the location was the Columbia Country Club, and the occasion was the Cleland wedding….

Shotgun Wedding
Mostly A5’s and all Brownings with the exception of my custom Stag AR that I enjoyed building. 

On my wedding day my wife was wanting some last minute pictures, and I was not bringing my C5 up there to have it rolled and wrapped in who knows what. I grabbed a few of my guns and figured it would make a nice picture on the 1st tee-off of the country club. In most areas the police and management would have been called and this would have made headlines because of all the “guns”. It was certainly a head-turning event though. 🙂

We have had a lot of rough spots in our 1st four years, but we are almost to the five year mark now and things seem to really be heading in the right direction, our daughter is well enough to stay in daycare and kindergarten, and Kelsey’s CNA job is picking up. Hopefully soon we will have some land and be able to put a mobile home there until I finish bridging from LPN to BSN.


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