Falconry – Hood Making – Red Tail Hawk(Buteo Jamaicensis)

Now that I completed my Kestrel hood, I decided to play around with making a red tail hood. I will only show limited build after the sewing has started.

Buteo Jamaicensis(aka Red Tail Hawk) gets their red tail feathers after the first year. They are a large bird of prey and they wide range of prey. While hunting, they prefer to sit on a perch like a power pole near roadsides and fields.

I made the hoods out of 3oz kip leather from Mikes Falconry Supplies. The larger hood is for a female RT and the smaller is for a male RT.


Below are the hoods after the stain and braces were installed. Unlike the 3 piece falcon hood, these hoods are not “blocked” to be formed, they are dampened and shaped by hand.


These style hoods are better suited to fit the shape of hawks rather than falcons.

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