Family, Lizzy, My Life


Lizzy was the last of three granddaughters born consecutively in a two month period. This post will be about Lizzy’s other half, Baylenn.

Kels, Lizzy, Baylenn, and Sam came to visit me at work.

Baylenn was born one month before Lizzy and she has been right there with Lizzy at most events. With all other in-law men being ‘off-shore’ workers, I’m generally the only father figure around.

Christmas morning 2016 Lou on the left, Baylenn on the right

Lizzy and Baylenn enjoy setting off on adventures and have no lack of imagination.

At a local diner after a football game

These two girls are a mess. They are so much alike they constantly argue and get in scraps, but at the same time they love each other dearly. Baylenn loves to hang out with us.


Far to often the male parent is absent in the lives of their children. I have made it a point to be home with my daughter most every evening so we can spend time together. I wish all little girls had their daddy their to take care of them. If the dad and mom aren’t together, both parents owe it to their children to get along and support them, be there for them, encourage and love them, and show them that they are capable of being awesome!

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