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Your 1st ‘Real’ beach trip…

Kelsey and I spent the weekend in Gulf Shores with Lizzy. This was her 1st time as a toddler to hit the white sands of Gulf Shores. She had a BLAST playing and swimming.

me and lou on the beah.png
Attempting to build a sandcastle…

The waves were a bit rough, but Kelsey and I stayed by Lizzy and kept her above the water. We picked up shells, sand dollars, and crabs. Lizzy would stomp the sand castle before I could get it completed time after time.

It’s fairly uncommon to find intact sand dollars, but we hit the jackpot and found at least 15 perfect ones. Lizzy would help sort out shells while I walked out and gathered more. Kelsey kept an every watchful eye on her from the shade of a canopy we set up next to the water.

The next evening we made a quick fishing trip to the pier. With the bait shop being out of fresh shrimp and bull minnows I tried to catch some LY’s with a sabiki rig. lizzy kissing the ly

I landed a large scaled sardine(what the pier fishers call an LY) and Lizzy immediately started playing with it. You would have thought someone gave her a baby doll. She was so excited.

The tourists would stop and say ‘sir is that a real fish she’s huggin’, or ‘you know she has a fish tucked under her arm’, to which I replied with the biggest grin ‘Yep, thats MY little girl’ .




Lizzy ly


We had a blast even if fish were not really biting, and I would’t have traded that hour for anything. I may sound biased and a little proud; well that’s because I am PROUD, but I don’t have to be biased, Toot has proven time after time that she is far more capable than other toddlers her age and is generally more independent¬†than kids 2 times her age.

Kelsey and I also decided to start looking for a beach house. If I start travelling I will want somewhere to call home that I can enjoy as a vacation also.

I love my little family!




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