Family, Lizzy

As you grow up… # 2

Lizzy: Just before you were born, I managed to pick up a nice Cannon bridge camera on clearance at the local wally-world, so I’ve tried to do my best capturing some decent pictures and videos of you. 


On this fun day your mother and Mimi Ange decided to dress you up in something that you nor I really liked, but hey, if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy….

cabbage patch1

(viewers, I opted for a bridge camera over a D SLR for 3 reasons, they are considerably lighter, I don’t need to change lens for different distances, the price point on clearance was unbeatable).

cabbage patch

I took you out to the collard green patch beside your Mimi’s and had a little photo session. I’m not sure hold old you are in this picture exactly, but I know you were learning to blow bubbles with your mouth, and you were tracking my every movement.

cabbage patch2

This is one of the few pics I have of your mom, you, and Duke. Duke is a Blue Heeler, currently he is about 8-9 years old. He is a great guard dog and family dog, but time is slowly taking it’s toll on this old boy. He loves to chase a ball, and has fought off coyotes in the yard on more than one occasion. He is every attentive to his babies making sure you and your cousins are safe while playing in the yard. lizzy lawnmower

This pic is a bit out of sequence, but I love it, you were about 18 months and managed to crawl up on your Paw Hardy’s mower to ‘drive’. It’s almost ironic that currently your favorite song is “Big Green Tractor” by Jason Aldean.

You and I spend a few hours in the local park each month, you’ve found out how to pic flowers and I probably have a gallon of these flowers by the time we leave..

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