Family, Lizzy, My Life

The moment everything changed…

Date: August 22, 2014

Location: L&D Operating Room


This day marks a proud moment in my life, I became a father. There we were, Kelsey was lying supine on the O.R. stretcher, draped with sterile dressings in a room full of delivery staff, and I was standing by her head keeping her calm. We had scheduled the c-section earlier that month and things were going smoothly, from the IV starts to the epidural. Soon we would have our baby girl.


As a well seasoned nurse, I pride myself in being able to read the subtle facial expressions of other medical staff in times of emergency or when things needed to be communicated without distressing the patient.

They began the section and instantly after making the incision and retrieving Lizzy from Kelsey’s womb, I noticed ‘the look’, the OB docs eyes connected with his partnering OB and they quickly began to cut the umbilical cord without giving me the chance to walk over and ‘do the honors’. Seconds later the staff brought Lizzy to us and let me kiss her on the forehead, then let Kelsey kiss her. They proceeded to put her under a warming lamp and clean her up. They did the routine things like length, weight, physical exams etc. She was crying such a sweet cry.

Our 1st moments as a family

I pulled the OB doc to the side and asked why the rush earlier. He proceeded to tell me that sometime between the delivery and the last ultrasound, the umbilical cord had been tied into a ‘true knot’. This knot was cutting of blood flow to Lizzy, had we waited another day or even hours later, we would have lost our baby girl. (Kelsey had some issues with passing out at random times lately, the doctor thinks this was possibly the cause).

God was certainly watching over us.

Back to the viewing room we went, I pushed my sweet girl in the warmer down the hall past dozens of family and friends, trying my hardest to hold back my tears of joy. I got to give Lizzy her 1st bath and help dress her up all warm and snug. Then I headed back to the room where my sweet wife, exhausted from the procedure and drowsy from all the medications was patiently waiting. Watching Kelsey hold Lizzy made me complete, I knew I had been missing something in my life, and I finally found it.


And so started my journey of being a father…………


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