Lizzy, Pier Fishing

Lizzy’s Easter Fishing Trip

The night before Easter Sunday 2017, Kelsey and I took Lizzy Easter shopping.  We walked all over, and Lizzy picked up several different things that caught her eye, but the one she liked the best was a lime green ‘Mr. Crappie’ spinning reel. While most kids get a snoopy or other fantasy character rod, I had already planned on getting Lizzy a real setup that would last her a few years.

fishing 2


Easter morning Lizzy woke up and ran in to our small living room and saw her new rod. She was so excited and wanted to go fishing immediately.

We went to a small pond on family land and put a worm on the hook and made the 1st cast. I let Lizzy hold the reel while I held the rod to help her. We managed to catch a couple small perch before it started raining on us.

Lizzy had a blast! She loves to hold the little bream, and gets tickled when they flip and flop all over the pier. Your mom stood back and took pictures of us and helped keep you from jumping in the pond to swim. We love you so much little lady!Lizzy's 1st fishfishing5You are still telling people that the Easter Bunny brought you a fishing pole. I actually think you are more excited about Easter than Christmas :).

This coming weekend 5/27/17 will be your 2nd trip to Gulf Shores, and hopefully I can manage to catch a few nice reds or a big ‘smoker’ king mackerel. Its been an ongoing thing to eat dinner at ‘The Original Oyster House – Boardwalk’. The 1st time you went you were almost 1 year old, your grandmother Emma Jean accompanied your mother and I for the trip. We went to the zoo, and fished a little bit. I managed to land some large reds that trip. You had a great time even though it was hot out. red2

Actually, this was Lizzy’s very 1st trip to the pier. Kelsey was 8 months pregnant with you, and it was HOT outside, she operated the net to help land the large Jack Crevalle, she also spotted the group of fish feeding and got my attention to make the cast in their feeding frenzy. I was using my Okuma ABF90 with 20lb mono, a standard ‘king’ rig with a large hardtail for bait. The jack hooked up immediately and I fought him up and down the rail for a long time.

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