Pier Fishing

Cedar Point

Each evening after my flowchart class at CPSI I would head down from the heart of Mobile, AL to the beautiful Dauphin Island. I fished a pier known as ‘Cedar Point'(a private establishment as you enter the island). There were just a few fisherman on the pier they weren’t looking very hopeful. I fished the pier for 3 nights before I finally landed my 1st catch.

Being on ‘work related business’ I was unable to pack my large reels and all my gear so I opted to rent an additional rod from the pier house. I rigged the rod with a cheap double hook rig from the pier house and baited up with a hunk of fresh mullet. I made a nice cast to the channel, set my bail, and placed the rod against the rail at an angle. I walked up and down the rails with a popping cork and shrimp, hoping for trout to bite(no luck there). I was at the far end of the pier and had all but forgotten the rental rod when I heard a young boy yelling mister! mister! ‘your rod’. I made a dash to the rod, by the time I arrived the only thing holding the rod was the reel pressing against the rail. I immediately set the hook, and the fight was on. I had hooked into a large black drum, and fought him for about 15 minutes until he finally gave up and I was able to net him with some assistance from another fisherman.


I knew the fish was too large to bring back to the Hilton and prepare in my room for the tiny charcoal grill outside, so I gave him to the fisherman that assisted me during the netting process. He immediately loaded the fish and his family and went home to dinner :).


I hope you enjoyed this story, there’s more to come….


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