Harris Hawks

My first experience holding a hawk was with a medium size male Harris that was flown at my first hunt. Having only been in the a part of this small community for a few weeks, I wasn’t expecting, nor was I prepared(I had yet to purchase a glove). When one of the guys tossed me a spare glove and said ‘hold your arm out and whistle to him’ I did just that, and like magic, I had a piece of God’s finest work perched atop my fist. All of the years I had been after this suddenly came forward. I realized how close I was to achieving one of my dreams.

I had mixed feelings about this hawk, although he was certainly the smallest hawk present and seemed very docile, his talons pushed past 1 inch and he had the foot strength to punch through the glove should he so desire. Watching him fly branch to branch while he put his faith in us below to flush wild game is something I’ll never forget. I will be flying a Harris when the opportunity presents itself.


While the tiercel Harris is something along the lines of a 911 Carrera, quick and powerful, yet agile in the turns, we also had the Corvette ZR1 of Harris’ hawks present, a massive female imprint that hits game hard, and does so with impressive speed and precision.

harris female.png
Female Harris

1 thought on “Harris Hawks”

  1. Interesting post. I love the raptors. So beautiful and graceful. We now have breeding pairs of Bald Eagles nesting near lake waters of Central Texas. Very exciting to see. There are Cooper and Red Shouldered hawks that nest in the neighborhood where I live. The Red Shouldered are in my yard ever day during spring and summer. I no longer feed the birds because I don’t want the song birds to be “sitting ducks.”

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