Bull Reds


As an analyst for certain electronic medical record companies I require training on the software I maintain. Fortunately for me CPSI(my 1st analyst gig) was near Dolphin Island so I could fish every evening. I fished a place called Cedar Point Pier every night for a week without catching a single fish, finally on the last night of the trip I landed a 27# black drum and a 28# red fish. During this time I met a young man and his fiance who spoke of a place that was supposedly the best pier fishing on the gulf. That place was Gulf State Pier.

My yearly conference is held in San-Destin at the Hilton, so every evening you can bet that I’m fishing. This particular trip ended and I met my wife and her grandmother in Gulf Shores for a few days. This was the perfect opportunity to land some “bull reds”(large female red-fish). I use a large aluminum pier cart that i purchased from J& M tackle of Orange Beach, AL. I had been fishing with few bites, but i noticed an elderly man of Asian descent that repeatedly landed my target species. So when he hooked up and went down rail, I baited up and sent the “LY” (bait fish) to the bottom. Soon after I was hooked into a large red that decided to head south, way south. She stripped about 150 yards of line off, then I decided to tighten the drag a little on my Okuma ABF90 and began the fight back to the pier. After 15 or 20 minutes I could see the fish nearing the pier, then all of a sudden my line went slack, the red made a dash towards the pier pilings to try wrapping the line. Thankfully my 10 month pregnant wife :), was beside me with the drop net and managed to assist in netting the big red before my line snapped. I can’t recall weight, although she measured around the 34″ mark.


We try to make yearly trips to this wonderful pier, it’s a great place to just relax and leisurely vacation. I spend 75% of the time on the pier, but the zoo and water parks are a great place to beat the heat.

If you want further information, please join the FREE website Gulfshorespierfishing.com and introduce yourself. The information on there is phenominal.

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